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Mobile Development

IOTV is the first live trivia game in Latin America. At Attomik, we worked on developing the concept, strategy and content management system (CMS) to create an app for iOS users.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was to develop a live video feed integration that had real-time interactions between the host and users. Through our process, we identified this obstacle and prepared our tech stack selection to make sure we could achieve great usability and user experience.

The result is a high performing iOS app with a live video feed, instant user input recognition, and a beautiful design.

About The Project

A live trivia game for iOS users in Latin America

Our Work

More About IOTV

IOTV is a live trivia game made for Latin America. By answering 12 questions presented by a live host, users can earn real money every week while having fun with family, friends and other users!


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